Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Resources


OTAs are procurement instruments other than contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements. The DoD uses OTAs to access innovative research and development from non-traditional contractors or traditional contractors when statutory requirements are met. OTAs provide flexibility that allows for increased speed, flexibility, and accessibility for research and prototyping activities than permitted under statutes and regulations that apply to traditional FAR based contracts. OTA agreements may be fixed-price, expenditure based, or hybrid. Learn more about Other Transaction Authority (OTA) at


Numerous Other Transaction (OT) consortia exist to connect highly innovative companies with their respective government sponsors including Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Air Force, Army, Navy, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Learn more about each consortium at https://aida.mitre.org/ota/existing-ota-consortia/.

Michigan-based OT Consortia

National Advanced Mobility Consortium (NAMC)


Based in Ann Arbor, NAMC is an established, independent, membership-based, nationwide alliance of traditional and nontraditional United States companies, academic institutions, and other organizations involved in research & development, prototyping and production of the complete range of manned and unmanned ground vehicle system (GVS), sub-system, and component technologies. The NAMC mission is to provide the government with ready, quality access to innovators dedicated to the development of manned and unmanned autonomy-enabled military technologies for the U.S. Warfighter.

For over a decade, the NAMC has been serving the DoD as an industry partner providing fast, flexible, innovative and agile acquisition solutions. The Ground Vehicles Service Center (GVSC) and the Next Generation Combat Vehicle Cross Functional Team (NGCV CFT) are our primary government stakeholders and partners also based in Michigan.

NAMC membership is open to all vetted traditional and nontraditional, large and small, for-profit companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations with in-house technical expertise in GVS and related technologies, and a U.S. presence. Learn more about NAMC at


Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC)


Based in Troy, DATC's objective is to provide members from private industry, not-for-profit and

academia opportunities to develop and transition advanced automotive technologies to all branches of

military and government agencies. Learn more about DATC at http://datc.saeitc.org/. Focus areas of

automotive technology include:

- Automotive Cybersecurity  - Vehicle Safety Technologies

- Vehicle Light Weighting  - Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Systems

- Connected Vehicles   - Advanced Energy Storage Technologies

- Propulsion Technologies  - Active Suspension Technologies